Saturday, January 30, 2010


The silvered branches of trees dot the landscape in a pointillist way. I'm reminded of a cold Giverny. So bone-chilled this morning that I thought frostbite had claimed my fingers because even under my gloves they were icicles. Hard to believe it's spring in seven weeks. I hold out the hope for warmer weather soon.

Tonight I meet D. I have some extra money so will buy new hot pink towels to replace the grotty old celadon ones and beige ones. I will see if I can get some pink LaCoste towels too. To usher in the spring with good cheer.

I'm making Annie's Naturals organic whole wheat macaroni-and-cheese now. I steal minutes to type in here as the water boils. A watched pot never boils. I'll have this late lunch with some peach iced tea I poured into one of the stemless wine glasses. I bought a set of small and large stemless wine glasses seven years ago when I received a generous check for a speaking engagement.

Tomorrow I cook blueberry muffins from a recipe an amateur baker gave me to try. I'll see how they come out. I can have a warm one for lunch with milk. All I do tomorrow is the treadmill and laundry.

radio sophie is my companion now.

It feels like tonight is going to be good. I'll listen to Matt Pinfield on WRXP play good songs from the 1980s and today with a spattering of old rock and other eras. He was billed as the "bald music savant" by another disc jockey on that station. He used to spin records on FM 106.3 when it used to be Modern Rock at the Jersey Shore-a good station years ago. I listened to it until the station changed its format. I would stay up until three in the morning at my old apartment listening to the radio. Those days are gone. That is when the Stelazine was still working and I was much younger and could do those things.

Time changes us. Memory is my anchor that keeps me grounded. History would repeat itseslf should I forget the past and what happened to me. Instead I'm aware what I must do to stay healthy: get to bed early and eat healthful foods and work at the jobs I love and get physical activity every day. This is how now I do things.


I did 30 minutes on the treadmill at a 5.5 incline and 3.4 speed. I don't know if that is good or not however it's what I can do now. D. tells me I look athletic and this pleases me because I can fit into my clothes.

Bought: a pair of navy and a pair of black sweatpants plus a black Nike tee shirt with bold black letters that proclaim Just Do It plus a green I Love Brooklyn tee shirt.

Stayed up late working on a project to help get O. a job. He told me I was a real friend to help him with this. I sure hope he gets it because it is his dream job. Imagine if I were his girlfriend he'd have a sweetheart deal.

Tomorrow I wear a short skirt.

Friend indeed.

Now I will go sign off for the night as it nears eleven o'clock and I must wind down.


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