Sunday, January 10, 2010

View From The 3rd Floor

This is going to be a rant.

What is scary: the idea that Sara Palin could become president. I've been reading the book Going Rouge which is not to be confused with Going Rogue [her autobiography]. Make no mistake she is not a dumb woman. She is a smart woman pretending to be stupid so she can advance her sick twisted agenda. She would deny you the right to have an abortion if you were raped regardless of the possibility that your baby would inherit the genetic risk for criminal behavior from the rapist father.

Palin is just a hateful woman who spoons people what they want to hear. To co-op an expression linked to feminism [and it was wrong then to do so], her brand of do-me politics is a real threat to Americans everywhere. I have no doubt she could be president: if George W. Bush could trash our economy and get involved in two unnecessary wars and create all kinds of impediments to providing humanitarian aid to other countries [based on his abstinence-only beliefs], I have no doubt the people who elected Bush could elect Palin to do these dirty deeds and not see anything wrong with her tenure at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The problem is: she's considered a babe in a suit so is taken more seriously than Hillary Clinton who stood by her man and wore the pantsuits in the relationship. People crucified Clinton for not walking away from her husband. How wrong to stand in judgment of someone if you haven't walked in her shoes.

The Religious Wrong and Christian Conservatives scare me because of the power they wield in politics. President Obama is doing the best he can and he's certainly doing better than his predecessor ever could. Don't get me started on Joe Lieberman. He and Palin are in the same camp. He has served to do real danger to America too by hampering the ability to include a public option in the national health care bill.

Obama won the White House folks. It's time to get real and get with the program circa 2010.

Bristol Palin is no poster child for abstinence-only education. Sara Palin could try to put a positive spin on her daughter getting pregnant however the reality for most teenage girls who become pregnant is far worse than the image of Bristol's baby swathed in an American flag. You can bet Sasha and Malia wouldn't end up like like Bristol because obviously Michelle Obama will be teaching them not to lift their skirts to any guy who sweet talks them on a Saturday night. The difference is her daughters would actually listen to her. She might even suggest birth control when her daughters turn 16. That is the reality in America: teenagers are having sex. Birth control is a necessity.

The other reality is that there is a double standard depending on where in the U.S. you live. You might not get the star treatment and a baby blanket spread in People magazine if you were Precious Jones. Luckily Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry brought Precious to movie theaters everywhere. Does Sarah Palin believe Precious Jones should give birth to a child her own father impregnated her with? Push was a grim book to read and I read it way back in 2000. I can't tell you whether the book has a happy ending because you should read it yourself.

Empty rhetoric from right-to-lifers merely puts a bandage on society's problems it doesn't cure them. Yes I believe abortion should be legal. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and should I need to discontinue the medication because I'm pregnant and forced to carry the baby to term I could very well end up psychotic again. Palin: get out of my bedroom.

OK: I rest my case. Have I been preaching to the choir in this blog entry? I somehow doubt Sara Palin's fan club is reading Joyful Music. If you are a true believer in everything this scary Barbie Doll stands for do not clunk me on the head with a pocketbook--Coach or any other--I won't go down without a fight.

This has been the View From The 3rd Floor.

Now I'm going to sign off as I have to get ready to brave the cold outside.


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