Monday, January 25, 2010


Hello morning.

The woman at the Pearl Paint (800) number did not see that my order went through when I bought the table top easel online. I had told her I received no confirmation and the order seemed to disappear after I hit the submit button. So she took my information over the phone and I have an order number and I should get the easel shortly. Not immediately because it is shipped from the manufacturer. At least it was that easy to buy it over the phone so now I can wait patiently for the easel to arrive.

Today it rains. I can hear the cars slush down the street.

I've grown disenchanted with the FM radio already. I pre-set six radio stations: WRXP [rock], WKCR [jazz], WSIA [billed as alternative yet it plays mostly rock], WBGO [jazz out of Newark, NJ], WFMU [free-form] and WNYE [public radio plus music].

The 1980s were the heyday of college radio. WSIA is a sad radio station now because there are no disc jockeys and the song selections are boring. I listened to WFMU for awhile however the disc jockey talked like his mouth was full of cotton and every other word out of his mouth was uh and um. I realize WFMU prides itself on being unusual however I expect a level of professionalism even still. The disc jockey on WRXP last night also spoke atrociously with a mouthful of uhs and ums. I don't get it. Now if you want to hear poetry listen to Awilda Rivera on WBGO at night because she knows how to speak.

When people talk to me and they talk poorly I always feed back what they said with the correct grammar. I mirror what they say only I say it the way you're supposed to say it. Nobody knows I'm correcting their grammar in a subtle way. It's something I do to counteract what I hear coming out of people's mouths.

The point of having an HD radio is so that you can get stations you previously couldn't listen to. It does for sound what HD images do for TV. So that is why I can now tune in to WNYE, WSIA and WFMU whereas before I was lucky if I could. Though listening to WSIA is so sad now because it's like they're playing some kind of pre-programmed audio tapes that spit out music and you have no idea what the song titles and artists are even if you did want to buy what you hear. It is so sad.

The thing about WFMU is that it's 2010 and the disc jockeys there should get over playing discordant music. I wish there was a happy medium between WRXP and WFMU. I don't want to hear AC/DC on the radio. I want to hear only modern rock or what's called alternative. WRXP only has male disc jockeys which also irritates me. Take the cotton out of your mouth and speak properly fellas.

When I hear a person speak with perfect diction and grammar it is a thing of beauty and I'm in love with the sound of their voice. I cannot believe that even college-educated people fall down in the grammar department.

If I hear ain't got no and don't have no one more time I'm going to scream. Is it too much to ask that someone speak eloquently? Those disc jockeys are being paid good money and it is their job so they should learn how to speak or be sent to a voice coach.

That is all I can tell you in here. I will sign off and go write a separate entry that is not a rant.


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