Friday, January 8, 2010

Sunny Days


You must ask yourself "What am I supposed to do at this moment in time?"

The pizzeria beckoned for lunch and so I had a grandma slice and a fresh mozzarella slice with diced tomatoes.

Tonight is another moment and tomorrow is another moment.

I write in the spiral-bound notebook:

how now

as if to ask myself how am I supposed to live right now? What am I supposed to do? How now is exactly how it's supposed to be.

A zen approach to timekeeping.

It has been said before yet I wonder how many of us truly live this koan.

how now.

One of the five items for living in the e-mail sent to me was: let go. The idea that we can re-invent ourselves and our lives holds an alluring fascination for me. I'm not a Traditional. The natal chart I downloaded claimed "your flakiness and distrust of Tradition make you exciting to be around." I wondered about that yet I know I'm not a fan of doing things the same way forever.

In my neighborhood on New Year's Eve at midnight firecrackers popped. I could hear these bursts of good fortune as I lay in bed. A New Year A New You is the seductive theme. We can't let life pass us by we must join the world. For those of us with schizophrenia our medication allows us to become involved in life. You get to a point where other things are possible. Your life is not simply about popping pills. Medication enables you to recover yet it is what you do after the pills begin to work that determines how well you do in recovery.

With this in mind I'm posting in this blog entry below an e-mail that was forwarded to me. It is so true and I'll be taking it to heart. It is also interesting that a friend suggested I simplify things and that is exactly what my natal chart report told me is the theme of my life.

Here's the e-mail:

Zen Habits

How to Make the Most of the Fresh Start of a New Year

“Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” ~

Post written by Leo Babauta. Follow me on Twitter.

Were several days into the New Year, and many of us are still basking in
the glow of a fresh start.

Every year, January brings renewed optimism for change, for a better life,
for a better you. And thats a wonderful thing.

Its wonderful, because this fresh start gives us a chance to reinvent our
lives and ourselves. It allows us to reinvigorate ourselves, to shed the
baggage of the previous year and do anything. Anything is possible!

That is a gift, my friends, and I suggest we make the most of this gift.
Not just by creating and sticking to resolutions (heres my guide for doing
that), but by reinventing the way we live.

Heres how.

1. Let go.

Many times we are held back by the tangled web of previous failures,
commitments, emotions, barriers. We cannot change careers because were used
to what were doing and its too hard to change. We cannot find time to get
healthy and fit because we have all these other things to do. We cannot
find time for our loved ones because we have too many commitments.

This is all old baggage. A fresh start demands a clean slate. Let
everything from the past go (easier said than done, I know). Clear your
plate and your palate.

Let go of attachments to what youve been doing for the past year, or years.
Let go of failures. Let go of fears youve built up. Let go of reluctance.
Let go of your ideas about what your life has to be like, because thats the
way its evolved so far. Let go of long-held beliefs and habits.

You have a fresh start. Let go of last year, and start anew.

2. Decide what matters most today.

Forget about your goals for all of this year. Instead, decide: what do you
want to do today?

What matters most to you, to your life? What are you most passionate about,
right now? What excites and invigorates you? What would give you the most

Often the answer is in creating something, making something new, helping
other people, becoming a better person, working on a project that will be
an accomplishment to be proud of. But whatever your answer, have it clear
in your mind at the beginning of the day.

This might be something you work on all year, or it might just last a
month, or it might last a week or a few days, or just today. It doesnt
matter. What matters is today that youre going to work on this with all
your heart, today. Tomorrow well decide on that tomorrow.

3. Clear away distractions and focus.

Clear away email and Facebook and Twitter and your favorite blogs and news
websites and social forums, clear away the iPhone or Blackberry or Android
or cell phone, clear away all the little nagging work and chores and
errands that pull at your attention, clear away the clutter that surrounds
you (sweep it off to the side to deal with later).

In fact, if you can, shut off the Internet for awhile. You can come back to
it when you take a break.

Now, find focus. Even if only for 15 or 20 minutes at first, but preferably
for 30-60 minutes. You can take a break and check your email or whatever
after youve focused. Focus on the thing that matters most. Do it for as
long as you can, until youre done if possible. Feel free to take breaks,
but always return to your focus.

When youre done, focus on the next thing that matters most, and so on.

4. Find happiness now.

Dont look at happiness as something that will come when youre done with
this goal, or when youve attained a certain accomplishment or certain
amount of wealth or material goods. Dont look at happiness as a
destination, something that youll get later.

Happiness is possible right now. Always remember that. When you push it
back until later, itll never come. When you learn to be happy now, itll
always be here.

When youre doing whatever youre passionate about, whatever matters most,
whatever you decide is worthy of your time and heart and focus be happy!
Youre doing what you love. And that is truly a gift.

5. Reinvent yourself, every day.

Every day, you are reborn. Reinvent yourself and your life, every day. Do
what matters most to you, that day.

It might be the same thing that mattered most yesterday, or it might not
be. That isnt important. Whats important is today right now. Be
passionate, be happy, right now.

Youll have a fresh start every single day not just on January 1. And that,
my friends, is the best thing ever.

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Twitter. Thanks, my friends.

Read more about simplifying in my book, The Power of Less.

[The lack of apostrophes in the message above is exactly how the words appeared to me so I'm not going to correct this. It's the spirit of the message that counts.]

Imagine: each day is a fresh start. We can abandon one thing that does not work for us and do something else. We do not have to do things the same way we always did them. We can wear purple and not when we're old. We can do anything we set our minds to.

Today is a glorious day.

So live your life and love your life.

It's all good.

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