Friday, January 1, 2010


Good morning.

A friend asked if I made New Year's resolutions and I told her no. What I like to do is set a goal I know I can achieve. I have two for 2010: get a literary agent and continue to get to know my new mate.

I grapple with something and I have to let go and trust that a friend knows of what she speaks. It is hard for me to believe this could be possible. Yet I'm willing to concede that each person I meet has their own limitations and insecurities. Not all men are pigs in suits and it's refreshing when you meet a guy who isn't Porky.

It makes the attraction all the more intense.

That's the secret to winning a woman: you can't neg on us like my ex-boyfriend did and expect to get anywhere. Maybe that pick-up artist Mystery could talk negatively to woman just to get them interested in sleeping with him. I would hold out for a guy who treats me like a Queen. I would only give a guy royal treatment too. That is my life ethic: to flatter a person and make him feel good.

I could tell within five minutes on the phone that the new person was a good catch and then when we met he did not disappoint. How could I know before I met him that it would turn out well? Listen: Sue-the woman who gave me the reading-told me I have psychic ability because the C and the U in my name are psychic letters according to numerology. That's also how I knew I had to move into this apartment as soon as I saw the apartment number listed on the buzzer panel.

So you leave your expectations at the door and let the other person be themselves and when they reveal themselves as they surely will you will know whether to continue.

The 2010 horoscope for Taurus said men feel comfortable around a Taurus woman because they feel they can be themselves with her. Interesting.


The laundry is in the wash downstairs and I place everything in the dryers in twenty minutes. Luckily I had only three small loads and a wash for a pair of jeans I have to wash separately because they would bleed.

No need to steam any clothes because I wear the usual suspects in terms of sweaters and they have no wrinkles.

Well: I will always come back in a circle to the weight of fashion in my life and the contrast between then and now. The industry has evolved. I'm not saying fashion designers weren't talented in the 1980s and early 1990s: just that they have a different aesthetic now that is more refined and less a parody of female stereotypes delineated through our wardrobe.

This is the real deal in the modern world. I have such high hopes for 2010 and the next fashion decade. I saw a lot of other clothes I loved in Loft yet won't buy them as I already have two under bed boxes full of clothes for the spring and summer to transfer to the closet in the next season.

A friend understood that men love sports in the way women are dedicated followers of fashion. I wouldn't take that away from a guy. I also love to talk and sometimes do not want to end a conversation when the other person is quite content to hang up the phone. To each his own.


One can hope.

That is all we can do:


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Valash said...

I am happy for you and your new partner. I am interested in readings too, I get them a lot. Happy New Year!