Monday, November 2, 2009

New York City Diary

2:00 p.m. Connecticut Muffin. Myrtle Avenue.

A tall guy in a dark taupe trench coat sees the book in my hand: Isaac Mizrahi's How To Have Style.

"Are you a fashion designer?" he asks.

"Oh no. I just love fashion."

"It's good to be inspired by creative people."

"Yes it is."

"Who wrote the book?"

"Isaac Mizrahi. He's been designing for 20 years. He designs for Target."

I hand him the style guide to look at. He flips through it.

The guy says: "You have a beautiful speaking voice."

"I used to be a disc jockey in college," I tell him. "I do public speaking."

"What topic?"

"Mental health. Health. And fitness and wellness."

"That's wonderful," he says.

The counter guy tells him his order is ready and it's ten dollars.

The man pays and takes his bag. He turns to me before leaving. "Have a great life."

"You too," I say.

He exits out the door.

I order the banana nut muffin.

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