Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Rewind


I brought home a book: How to Have Style by Isaac Mizrahi. He makes some good points. A petite woman had great style in the book. He had the women use a tool-an inspiration board-as the springboard for discovering their winning looks. He suggested women could have a style party.

Alas: I did some retail therapy tonight while on the phone with a friend: I ordered the Xanthe women's Western belt in tan from I hope it fits because I ordered a size 30 waist. That is not large by any stretch of the imagination yet the last time I ordered from this website I had to exchange a small belt for a larger one.

The wild thing is I don't care how much I weigh even though I weigh a couple pounds more. Key word in that sentence: a couple. I was miserable when I tipped the scales at 138 lbs in the halfway house. Hearing the diagnosis of schizophrenia so upset me that every weekend I'd run down to Luke's Deli and buy a tub of Hagen Dazs vanilla almond bark. I had a spoon with my name on it in the flatware drawer. All the residents ever cooked for dinner was sausage patties and hamburgers and noodles with cream sauce and cauliflower and white rice.


I would not buy a pair of jeans until I lost weight yet I had no problem wearing mini skirts.

That era: I wore the shortest mini skirts. You can't do that once you turn 30. Sorry. One day in a sad mood I shipped them all off to the Salvation Army. I would not be 29 again.

Though I don't think skirts should be hemmed at the knee or just below if you have good legs. I would rather wear a skirt with a hem one inch above the knee. It looks modern not dull or dowdy.

I'm no longer that young tiny thing who coveted being weird as a point of pride-who wore hooker boots and a mini skirt the size of a bandage, and a lipstick red tee shirt and Enzo Angiolini flats she loved and wore a hole in because she wouldn't take them off.

We are more than the sum total of our wardrobe.

Later I'm going to order the jacket militaire because I found out I'm getting a raise on Friday. I decided on the crimson as opposed to the charcoal because though the dark gray would be professional for work I felt the red would be good for dressing up a casual outfit. I could also wear it when I give talks. Very Agyness Deyn.

For now I chill out in here.

I've been writing the spring 2010 column for SZ magazine. It talks about Michael Jackson: the King of Pop. A friend read it and said he likes it so I send it over to the editor at the end of December.

I've begun work on my second book which could turn out to be finished in five months. I have the bones: I just need to get it all down on paper. I will work on it during my week off in December. Wish me good luck.

OK: I will go sign off now.

Have a good day.

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