Wednesday, November 4, 2009

These Are The Days

Tonight I wanted to listen to the 10,000 Maniacs MTV Unplugged CD and so I did while I ate dinner. The song "These Are The Days" had popped into my head today.

Surf on over to the Connection when you're done here as I published a SharePost about the new drug Fanapt (generic: Iloperidone) that hits U.S. pharmacy shelves in early 2010.

It is late and I will be shutting the lights soon. I will possibly take a break from writing in here as I've been much more fatigued lately. I attribute this to a lack of exercise because the PA said my hemocrit level wouldn't have caused the energy drain. So I can only conclude I need to return to the gym.

D. sent me in the mail the Bruni in the City column I've begun writing again for New York City Voices, the mental health advocacy journal. The article is "Breakfast at Tillie's" and I have not dared read it though I will before I go to bed.

I am off work on Friday and that is good. I have decided to travel on vacation in April even if it means I have to draw down my savings account to do so.

It got to the point where I failed to show up to my friend's Halloween party even though I told him I would go. Sunday I'm supposed to have a friend come over and I will have to ask her to come for three o'clock so that I can do a cognitive therapy homework assignment in the late morning and early afternoon. That is all I can do: cook dinner for her. We can hang out here and talk.

So now. I have no energy. Thus I must go.

Please enjoy my author website during this temporary intermission:

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