Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Drill

10:52 am. Library. Waiting to see the dentist.

My energy level has not risen yet it hasn't plummeted. It seems to be on the upswing. Slowly, slowly.

It was a lovely day in Greenwich yesterday.

I bought a green strap key chain to replace the purple Coach key chain I bought in 2000 when I first started work as a librarian. A classic brown nubuck belt from Zara. And a pair of round pearl earrings for $21 [not real of course]. I can wear the belt with the black pants and my beige sweater if we go to the theater in January again. In Claire's I found an interesting notebook with a graffiti design cover. Swag.

In Greenwich on the main street traffic guards conduct traffic.

We ate in Thataway: I had the crab and shrimp burger. I was so full I did not eat dinner until after eight o'clock when I ordered the Aegean salad from a diner.

Alas: a beautiful hot salmon pink scarf cost $190 in an upscale store so I did not buy it. We looked around and hurried out. I would like to go back in the new year to buy a pair of skinny jeans in the Lucky Brand shop. I wanted to buy a green embroidered belt in that store however they did not have it in my size. I nixed a beautiful Lucky scarf though.

I am able to write in here now because I have a half hour before the appointment. Otherwise I would not be free to do so. Though suddenly I have no energy again. After I will go the pizzeria to get two grandma slices and a peach Snapple.

Will do only what I can do. Today I dropped off the laundry rather than do it myself this weekend.

The final verdict: I do not buy the expensive appointment book from Cooper Hewitt. I would've done so if it were an offering on their website's store. It wasn't.

Yes: I remember a long-ago friend who I went to Greenwich with the first time. Where is she now? I hope she has a good life. We'd go to the Galaxy Diner in the City for dinner before we parted ways. It was another era in my life: the time before I moved here. In retrospect I learned a lesson: try to patch up whatever it is that's not right with a friend. I got the impression she didn't want to continue the friendship and so I let it be.

OK. I have no energy. Let me go look for a magazine to read while I wait. I still have time before I need to head to the dentist. Luckily I just get X-rays and a cleaning twice a year.

One thing I will leave you with:

Do not go without food and make sure you eat small, nutritious meals throughout the day.

Going on a cleanse or fast is not healthy.

Have fruit or cheese and whole wheat crackers or nuts or yogurt for a snack to tide you over until lunch or dinner.

Get checked out by your primary care doctor if your energy level is low.

Now I must be going.


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