Saturday, November 21, 2009


It cost a mint for pickup and delivery of the laundry because I also had the comforter washed.

Last night was not the night to cook so I ordered in crab meat-stuffed shrimp from an Italian restaurant because I wanted something different not the usual culinary fare. I have been under the weather and didn't have the energy to prepare a meal.

How to begin:

The other day I ventured into Rite Aid and bought a lipstick as if I needed to and couldn't live without it: Make Me Pink by Maybelline. It is one of the Color Sensational tubes that are a brilliant marketing ploy: the jewel-plum case is an art object you'll take pleasure in using and won't be embarrassed to show off. It looks richer than a usual drug store tube.

The color I bought was featured on a model in a fashion magazine and is a departure for me: 1960s pink. Though not as wild as the NARS color Schiap which was featured a while back in Real Simple magazine. I had debated buying Schiap when I had some extra money and it would have been too too Valley of the Dolls.

The Color Sensational lipstick tube is iconic.

I will wear this shade when I dress in black.

Just now I heard Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johanssen on the radio. She actually has a beautiful voice and I liked the song. I can receive clearly on my alarm clock radio 101.9 WRXP FM which bills itself as the Rock Experience. It's not radio sophie. I listen to it although it plays too much classic rock-n-roll for my liking.

Matt Pinfield spins music from 8 to 12 on Saturday nights and his show's play list is infinitely better plus the segues between songs are tight. He has a good intuition for mixing songs and none of them are duds. Pinfield used to spin records on FM 106.3 Modern Rock at the Jersey Shore. I stopped listening to that station when it turned to commercial music. Is it still broadcasting? I wonder.

For Tuesday's last session with the cognitive therapist I will use the new lipstick and wear a black sweater and the new gray scarf and jeans and the loafers. Animated Clothing beckons afterward.

This past week I gave my employer my life even though I was not at all well. That was a mistake. I will not do this again. Tomorrow I see Dr. Krall and ask her to give me an antibiotic and excuse me from work until Friday.

That is all I will tell you about this. You do not want to hear about this anymore.

So I will leave you to enjoy your evening.


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