Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday Cheer

Holiday cheer:

The cognitive therapy has ended on a positive note. I've been empowered to make changes. It is the beginning of my new life and an upbeat outlook.

After the session, I stopped in Animated Closet to buy the multi-color scarf. I'll wear it on Friday when D. and I go into the City. It cost $5 more because the vendor raised the price and I didn't think that was fair yet the scarf was placed in a reusable eco tote bag so I felt I got something extra that was useful.

The Pond in Bryant Park is a free skating rink open to the public. I go back to the holiday fair on Friday with D though I won't buy anything else. We can get Belgian waffles for lunch and some apple cider.

His birthday dinner is my treat so I tell him he can order the lobster. Alas I'll most likely have shrimp because I cannot afford the lobster. I get my haircut that morning.

How is this: tomorrow even though I'm staying home I can wear the new scarf. Brilliant. I will also use the new purple pocketbook on Friday. I've taken to wearing my red short coat now as it nears December. The military jacket hangs in my closet and is ready to go. I could wear it on Thanksgiving.

The scarf hangs well and looks wonderful. I'm wearing it now. The scarf cheers me. It has pockets for your hands. The gift to myself for completing the therapy although dressing well is also a form of therapy, right?

Joy to the world.

Joy to you tonight.

I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Right now I will go sign off rather than write a long entry.


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