Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bake Off

So tonight I sauteed shrimp in scampi sauce and served myself that with corn and brown rice and a glass of skim milk. I wanted to post the photo here and I couldn't because my camera needs batteries. Last night I cooked whole wheat penne with Barilla green and black olive tomato sauce served with a side salad of baby spinach and tomatoes and olives and chick peas. I drizzled on the salad sweet honey and Vidalia onion dressing.

I just might make a cook of myself yet: at three o'clock today I baked brownies to bring to my cousin's house tomorrow. I didn't use the standard Hershey's cocoa tin; I used the drinking cacao which is much richer. When I'm done writing in here I will cut the brownies into nine pieces and save one for myself to have with skim milk tonight. The rest I'll take with us to Joe's.

Luckily I bought the blender for only $12 and so I used it to stir mix and beat the batter. I'm awaiting the mixing bowls from the order I placed with the young girl selling products to benefit her school. So earlier I used a 3-quart saucepan to blend all the ingredients. I wasn't going to not make the brownies just because I was waiting on the bowls.

Yoo-hoo: I should go cut the brownies now and have mine and come back and tell you how they taste. Let me do that.

Well: nobody's going to die. They're not Mrs. Fields and yet they don't taste inedible. They taste like the rich dark cacao and not like the ordinary Hershey's tin of cocoa. What they actually taste like is a mud cake. So if you've ever had a Mississippi mud cake you'll know how they taste.

It could have been worse. This first effort at baking was none too shabby. I'm quite proud the brownies came out OK. They came out OK.

Mind you: they don't taste like the brownies you bake from a mix.

I made them from scratch, OK? How do you like that? From scratch.

Now I'm tired. I'm exhausted just thinking of having to clean the dinner dishes and pots and pans.

Will go sign off.

Enjoy your turkey tomorrow.


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Wanderer62 said...

Happy Thanksgiving Chris! And thanks for stopping by my blog on the festive day. I haven't had THE meal yet, but I know I am going to thoroughly enjoy myself. I hope you do too. Now it's my turn to say--Cheers!!

Kate : )