Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sinkin' Soon


The mixing bowls were not ordered for me so I will buy my own this weekend so I can bake the brownies again and maybe some kind of holiday cookies. The ones with lemon icing I call biscotti although most people would not. If memory serves Italians use the word biscotti to describe cookies although the direct translation is biscuits of course.

Biscotti=biscuits. Bruni=brown.

We were named Bruni because our ancestors were known for their brown hair. My hair is black almost jet. Mom asked me if I dyed my hair and I told her no which is true. I'll be 45 in April and I still have my natural black hair. I used to feel like a freak of nature because of my black hair and pale skin which is undoubtedly a reason Oliver commented that I look striking: because of the contrast.

Hello: I've made myself wacky over the new tablecloth. Dare I tell you why I'm not convinced the one gracing the table now works? I fear it looks tacky not tasteful and cannot let go of this although it's most likely all in my head.

As you can see I am most peculiar about certain things. It is also why I got into a tussle with a friend over the fact that I don't buy things on sale. A lot of people want things that are a good value. However I believe in paying more for items of good quality which to me justifies the expense. A bargain isn't a value if the item of clothing you buy falls apart after you wear it only three times like the flannel pajama pants I paid $7.99 for. Or like the knife I bought in the 99-cent store whose handle broke the first time I used it. So there you go. Value is in the eye of the beholder.

It is just-there I tell you this-the table decor looks ancient in my eyes: dated. It looks like a tablecloth that isn't inspired to make a statement: it looks ordinary not fancy.

So there you go. On lunch I buy the new cheap tablecloth and see how it looks. Finding your style involves making mistakes even with home decor as well as fashion.

I regret, in the words of Norah Jones in her song of the same name, that this blog entry will be "Sinkin' Soon" if I continue in this vein.

Segue: Friday I host the writing workshop and serve cheese and crackers and olives. The only thing missing will be wine though I can get a bottle of Amarone should I want to complete the hostess effect. Santa Cristiana is a cheap wine that is also good for about $10 a bottle so I could consider that because Amarone is $37 a bottle. Seriously. I once attended a writing workshop years ago in a woman's home where wine was served and that loosened everyone's tongues and the critiques were quite honest.

OK: the new cheap tablecloth looks better because it's not a floral design; it has a swirl print on a block pattern so looks muted. However come spring I replace it with the green cotton tablecloth.

I had a dream where I ordered a Snapple orangeade at a bar that cost $2 with a $1 tip and when I woke up I craved that drink so poured myself a glass of orange juice.

Also feel: health care in America will be "sinkin' soon." I have no faith in our elected officials. I'm also against the troop surge in Afghanistan. I consider myself a pacifist in terms of war though I believe actions taken in self-defense could be justified. In the modern world, U.S. troops should only be used for peacekeeping missions. What about Rwanda? Our great shame. Troops should have been sent in. I'm reading a book by Terry Tempest Williams called Finding Beauty in a Broken World and it is about an art project in Rwanda that was aimed at healing.

I fear Americans have lost all hope in our leaders. I will review the latest health care reform legislation for the Connection and post it in a SharePost on Sunday. A New York Times reporter questioned whether health care should have been on the table at all when strengthening the economy was the number one priority.

The stimulus bill if I recall was signed during Mercury retrograde which accounts for all the loopholes and dilemmas associated with this bill. We face another Mercury retrograde period starting December 26th so it will not be a good idea to buy furniture and have it shipped or buy electronics or sign documents until Mercury turns direct after January 16th.

Segue #2: Is it just me or are the Barbie Dolls anatomical wonders? I'm glad to see there is an African American Barbie Doll as well. I just ordered the Black Label Collector Barbie Doll with the accessory set that includes a pooch on a leash. All the accessory sets feature stiletto hells, well I mean to say heels but they are hell to walk in. So there you go. I bought my niece her Christmas gift. How about a 15-year old lesbian Barbie Doll with tattoos? No I don't think Mattel is going to produce that girl any time soon.

Now my nephew gets Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days. He is reading at the third grade level even though he's in the second grade. This warms my heart. He loves to read. I will tell him I read 25 books last year and that I like to read too. I had already bought him two books. I also get him the Wimpy Kid with the blue cover. So he will receive four books for Christmas and will be in heaven.

While I was at it I ordered for myself the sentiment coasters from the Sundance catalog: six glass coasters with the words kind happy strong brave peaceful and thankful to use when I invite people over. That is all I care to spend now or my finances will be sinkin' soon too.

Folks: I've been up since five am as I fell asleep at ten o'clock last night.

So right now I'm going to wind down and rest before I venture outside.


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tooearly said...

I worked for NYS as a manager of a cafeteria. Soon after my promotion I had to buy new freezers. The process is I have to get three estimates and they will pick the lowest priced.

Getting the cheapest is just what you pay for..cheap!

Now when I buy things for my personal life I don't but the most expensive or the cheapest. I look for good quality and a good price.