Friday, December 11, 2009

Bel Canto

Beautiful songs:


In January I buy the table top easel and begin a painting hobby. I have the brushes paints and other supplies ready to go. Everything is stored in the Art Students League tote that I bought when I attended the League four years ago. I would leave at seven on a Sunday morning to go to 57th Street in Manhattan where the building was. I took a painting course that featured a live model. Alas I did her face and it wasn't very good. I hope to get better with practice so that I can consider myself an artist as well as a writer. I'd like to paint a self-portrait. Right now I will start with some ideas I have for a series called Optimism. I also have an idea for a still life with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot.

When I was young I used to draw and paint. I'm not Picasso however I do have some natural artistic talent that is better than most people's and if I develop it I'm sure I could be a good artist again.

Will order the easel from the Pearl Paint website and have it delivered. The one I want will cost about $225 after tax and shipping. It folds for easy storage and looks sturdy when open.

Wish me well with this hobby.


The women come over tonight because I host the writing workshop. I bought parmesan garlic pita chips and olives and globe grapes and winey goat cheese and Monterey jack and Jarlsberg to serve during our session. There's the silver pitcher of water and some bottles of the Just a Tad Sweet peach iced tea. No wine though.

I clicked "new post" at 6:52 am after rising early again and now it's seven pm and I'm waiting for the women to arrive. I present in the workshop the introduction to the second book and the first half of the first chapter of the book.

OK: the buzzer is ringing so I have to buzz everyone in.

Will return to this blog entry later.


I am a madwoman typing at midnight drunk on her passion for life.

This night has come as close to perfect as it could be. The food was devoured; the pitcher emptied and the iced tea bottles drained. I will continue. I'm determined to succeed in the face of any opposition to my hopeful message.

I'm willing to stand alone in championing my vision that people can recover from schizophrenia. I tell you now I'm not the exception to the rule: I've met other people with schizophrenia who have jobs and Masters degrees. This is not unusual though you won't hear about us because nobody discloses so it's hard to believe someone can do these things.

The women told me how I should continue with the book. It was a brilliant solution and I will make the revisions before we meet again on January 10.



On Saturday I made the revisions and I'll give the new copy of the first chapter to a new friend / hopefully romantic interest.

Today I bought my father a sweater for Christmas. I bought some mixing bowls in the Cellar at Macy's. It is only two weeks until Christmas: heavens the year is ending.

In Starbuck's when I bought my lunch I also took home the Norah Jones CD The Fall and the Product (RED) Playing for Change CD which I like a lot. Norah Jones is my favorite vocalist. I also like Diana Krall's creamy voice and I have her Quiet Nights CD that I bought in Starbuck's too.

The Playing for Change CD is free with a $15 purchase and when the barista rings it up $1.00 is donated to the Product(RED) fund. Years ago I bought the Inspi(Red) tee shirt from the GAP that is also a Product(RED) item. It is of course red and fits me well.

Want to sing a new song in the New Year. Like the U2 lyrics I will sing a new song that is ever hopeful and it will begin when I take paint to canvas.

This is all I can give you tonight: a blog entry about art and music. I have spent the better part of the evening shaping this entry into something that is acceptable to me. Will upload photos of my paintings here when they start to be good. Otherwise I will just practice practice practice.

Before I go I want to wish those of you celebrating the holiday a Happy Chanukah and a life filled with the eternal light of hope.

Now I will leave you to enjoy your evening as I must return to one of my jobs even though it is late.


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