Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Winter Crusade


I praise the first lady's efforts to eliminate childhood obesity within one generation. My kids would eat fruits and vegetables and whole grains and lots of fish were I lucky enough to have kids.

In a New York Times article covering this initiative someone said that some schools actually have a McDonald's in them. Of course too as one commenter mentioned agribusinesses that manufacture food products with high fructose corn syrup need to be exposed.

It is my ethic to live a conscious life: conscious of the food I put into my mouth and of how my behaviors support or hinder a healthy lifestyle and of how I share the earth with other human beings and how my actions effect other people.

Everything I do I seek to do for the greater good and that is why I live a simple life unburdened by unchecked consumerism. It doesn't hurt that Mom is sending me a Valentine's Day card with a $20 bill so that I can add it to the cost of the necklace. This money will come just in time.

Honestly I don't know how someone could criticize Michelle Obama for wanting to stamp out childhood obesity as one commenter did on the Times web site. Something has to be done and I'm glad she stepped up to the plate.

So I give her kudos for tackling this 300-lb. elephant in the room.


This is all I do going into the spring: go to the gym and be mindful of what I eat. Tonight I did the treadmill at a 5.5 incline and 3.4 speed and for the last 10 minutes I upped the speed to 3.5. My heart rate skyrockets with this kind of workout. I sticker in my appointment book the days I work out with smiley faces.

You come to this on your own.

Or at least I have: set a challenge. The winter has been so frightfully cold that setting any other goal for these dark days I cannot bring myself to do. Only this: go to the gym and eat more healthfully. The perfect winter crusade. I have come at this goal without understanding why it has struck me with such force. Perhaps the astrology book will enlighten me. Will take it off the shelf and read the section on 2010.

So sad to say that I have no other goal. Yet is that sad? I will reach inside myself and do it My Way.

In the New York Times today there was an article about deadly karaoke: more people are killed during karaoke when the singer is belting out "My Way" by Frank Sinatra. This phenomenon is most often observed in the Filippines where violence is high and the police have a code name for death-by-karaoke. Some revelers steer clear of this danger by choosing not to sing "My Way" because of the threat of Sinatra-cide.

Can you imagine?


Right now it is late and I'm exhausted and praying for snow so I will go sign off.


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