Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Just now:

I have written a response to a grieving woman at the Connection that was impassioned and heartfelt. So I trust I "walk the talk" as a mental health activist.

The death of Esmin Green gave the anti-psychiatry contingent a built-in platform for the anti-recovery venom they spew. Now they can wrap their poison around the flag of compassion when in no way do they have compassion for people with schizophrenia who need to take medication in order to function.

What event could I use to galvanize others? My own accomplishments are in no way as dramatic as the video of a woman falling to the floor and dying while a security guard did nothing. If you ask me they should close Kings County down.

The thing is I wonder that I can do anything except what I'm already doing. I can only counter their hate with love.

I read in the book Cultural Creatives that Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was only 26 when he was asked to lead the boycotts. He rose to the challenge when greatness was required of him.

26. Martin Luther King was only 26. He had a dream. And I have a dream: that one day all people will be able to access mental health treatment without fear of stigma or abuse. The kind of stigma those groups create against people who need drugs is unconscionable.

I believed in a power bigger than my pain. So I was determined to use my pain to make things better for people coming up in their recovery after me.

My great goal is to help others heal.

Anything else I could do that would not support this goal would be a waste of my God-given talent.

Peace out.

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