Thursday, February 11, 2010

Three Chords and the Truth

Well I did it: ordered two pairs of pants from the Loft web site as when I logged on today they were on sale 50 percent off so why not buy two? White canvas and deep blue canvas pants with a removable braided belt. So now I have the white pants to wear with the black tee shirt and sunny yellow scarf I bought last month, or with the black tee shirt and the new necklace.

This topic is much preferable to the trend of late in JM. Though I will tell you the research proves Kendra's Law is effective at reducing homelessness and crime for individuals with a history of this. We can't argue that homelessness and crime causes untold debt in terms of the loss of the human capital of a society. This cannot be measured in dollar bills.

I could not look you in the eye and claim that this doesn't matter and that homelessness is a choice for most people. I could choose to flash naked in a park and that would be my choice too. So this argument can be shot with holes. When did civil obedience become a dirty word?

People become homeless not because they choose to be: they wind up on the streets because they are delusional and refuse treatment and do things counterproductive to their recovery.

These statistics should chill you:

"Mentally ill individuals are fifteen times more likely to be assaulted, twenty-three
times more likely to be raped, and one hundred forty times more likely to
experience property theft than the general population."

[Cornell Law School document]

If "equal protection" under the law does not guarantee those of us living with mental illnesses equal protection from these crimes: what exactly does that law provide us? Apparently it gives us the right to live above a subway grate and be raped in the dead of night.

Saturday I will go to the boutique and give the shop owner some more money towards the necklace with my Valentine's Day cash.

Want to cheer myself up and depart from this gloom.

It's time to go sign off as I feel I have nothing new to contribute to this story.

Best wishes to you.

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