Thursday, March 4, 2010

An Idea of Spring


A friend suggested I remember that editors placed my memoir in the league of The Bell Jar. So I do that now. I knew by the time I was seven years old I wanted to be a writer. I'm a memoirist second. I trust that my claim to fame is not that I have schizophrenia. I can be famous for other things.

Like my neat streak.

I have another bag of just clothes to send to the Salvation Army.

With spring coming in just over two weeks I'm cleaning house now.

Soon I can replace the comforter with the Asian toile bedspread. I saw a great graphic duvet cover in the CB2 catalog that I wish I could get only I don't have the room to store more bedsheets. It was the Urban Mandala. I liked it though.

Already I'm bored with the pink-and-purple floral comforter.

I'm reminded of an advertisement in a magazine where a fashionably dressed woman wears a gold necklace at a gathering of people around a coffee table.

I feel it is time to move forward and that is why I clean house: I clear out items to bring into my life new things.

Spring will come not a moment too soon. Hopefully the weather will rise into the 50s in March and April round here. I would love for it to be in the 60s in April so I hope for this dream to come true.

My question is: what exactly is a duvet and what does a duvet cover cover? A white comforter underneath? Hmm. One thing I want to do next year: use the crimson throw as an additional layer rather than the beige snuggly my mother gave me.

I don't wear that darn thing I use it as a blanket on the bed on top of the comforter. And since it's been a long cold winter I'm tired already of seeing that snuggly. In two weeks it will be history: I'll store it on the top shelf of one of the closets. Enough already with the snuggly.

Well: tonight it's history I'm not going to wait. I would love to donate the snuggly to the Salvation Army only my mother gave it to me and she inquires as to whether I use it. I will keep it through this season and then in the fall see about chucking it. A beige snuggly is the nadir of fashion. It would be another story if the snuggly were pink or blue. Not beige. That is the absolute absolute end of everything.

Out out it goes. Tonight. I don't care how cheap it cost that's besides the point.

I can always do this next winter: use the throw under the comforter as an extra layer to keep the top of the bed looking colorful. Honest to God not that snuggly. Not another year with the snuggly.

With all due respect to the genius who invented this product. It's just not for me. If you invented the snuggly and are reading this blog [doubtful though] I want to tell you I'm sure you have millions of satisfied customers around the globe or wherever it's sold. Surely some person without heat in their apartment would enjoy the snuggly if I donated it to the Salvation Army. I have gotten good use out of your product in the time I used it. Please don't suggest I buy a replacement. It's a wonderful product you see I'm just a fashion snob.

My mother has one in mint green. She loves it. So there you go.


It's spring in two weeks.

A week later I sign up with Organization by Design for a virtual consultation. The fee for the stylist who comes to your apartment was misquoted and I can't afford her now. So it's back to my original plan: I have seven photos I can e-mail the consultant so she can get an idea about what to tell me. I will have her phone me in the first week in April to go over the suggestions she's come up with for my wardrobe.

This is not frivolous. It matters to me.

At some point I might have to take down this blog and create a new one devoted solely to music and fashion and the other passions of life. Employers Google you to see if they want to call you in for an interview. They use the information they find to rule you out as a candidate. You have to be careful what's out there. I could be denied a job because of this.

When that day comes I will send out one last blog entry here with a link to my new blog before I take this one down to alert loyal readers. Other than that I cannot continue to blog on the Internet in the future.

A friend and I talked about this: how you cannot disclose to employers and organizations you want to do volunteer work for. You're still on shaky ground even though you've been in remission or recovery and even if you've been in remission 18 years like I have you can still be disqualified.

So at some point I take down this blog and replace it with an SZ free blog.

That day might come sometime soon. We shall see what I do and when I do it. Possibly I'll have two blogs going at once right now and then later shut down this one. I'll see.

I'm going to leave you to enjoy your day or night or whatever time it is now.


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