Saturday, May 15, 2010

3:21 P.M.


Right now I'm working on the manuscript and attending to selling the memoir to a publisher so I have to keep what I do under wraps except to let you know the publication date so that you can go to the bookstore and buy Left of the Dial.

I"m reading a heartbreaking yet hopeful memoir Keeping the Feast written by Paula Buttarini. She is an Italian American woman who used food to heal. She lived in Rome and walked to the Campo Dei Fiori to buy fresh fruits and vegetables and bread every day. The name is Field of Flowers in English.

My Italian is rusty so I would like to buy the Rosetta Stone software and get back up to speed. I studied the language as a young woman and used to be fluent.

When I traveled to Italy I spoke it well enough to talk with the waiters and shopkeepers and open air market vendors. I bought at the flea market in Sienna a napkin holder for the equivalent of $5. Quanto costa? Cinque lire.

News: I have decided to go back to school for an MFA when I'm 55 and publish fiction. The MSW is not the option I choose to pursue right now.

Things are rolling along with the memoir.

I have a Twitter account: ChristinaBruni and I post my SchizophreniaConnection blog entries there so do surf over I'd love you to read what I write. Today I post the Mental Health Awareness Month SharePost. It will be uploaded about seven o'clock tonight.

This is all I can give you right now.

I went to the new salon for a haircut and it was hot hot hot outside so I have no energy to continue writing in here. The apartment is cooler yet I'm not going to bumble about Joyful Music with no destination in mind.

Have a Happy Day!

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