Thursday, July 1, 2010

Heatin' Up

Summer is here.

My tactic was to order a tailored denim skirt from the J.Crew Web site so I can have something new to wear that I don't have to iron. It's been two weeks and counting since I kept telling myself I would steam the wrinkles out of the clothes.

I've agonized over these kinds of Hestia chores for quite awhile now. The solution of buying new clothes is an expensive one. So I watch out.

This topic is going to find its way into a humorous Bruni in the City column for New York City Voices because I feel I haven't done it justice in here. What's so funny about being a domestic chore derelict? I will make it funny.

Will write this column tonight and type it up over the weekend to send to the editor.

Be honest: you've bought a new shirt rather than iron a wrinkled one or instead of doing your laundry that day. Who among us hasn't?

I had to return the Breton knit shirt and exchange it for an XXS. Go figure. I can wear it with the tailored skirt on a cooler night in this hot town.

Also: I mistakenly bought two size S tee shirts from Ann Taylor on sale that I now have to donate to the Salvation Army because they're too big. I will get no empathy from most other women on this.

Though I used to be 20 lbs overweight when I first started taking the Stelazine. It took me six years to lose the weight so I do understand how a woman can be miserable carrying a few extra pounds. I was not a happy camper. Oddly: I refused to buy jeans until I dropped a size yet was perfectly comfortable wearing Esprit mini skirts.

Does the number on the scale matter? To most of us yes and that's the reality.

We need effective drugs that don't cause weight gain of upwards of 100 lbs. Only the kinds of drugs that cause weight gain are often the only ones that work to halt a person's symptoms.

I will ask the pharmacist when I see her next if she found out whether Saphris is also a weight-gaining contender because she said she's going to research this. It's the newest medication on the market to treat schizophrenia.

What's the solution? To stop taking the meds? To live a shortened life? I will always tell people to take the pills every day as prescribed to get the best results. This kind of trade-off isn't fair though.


Sunday afternoon I will paint my first painting. It will be a color block or else a sunflower copied from the design on a dinner plate. That will be my one activity this weekend. I will listen to music and paint.

Before I took pen to page I used to draw and paint in high school and college. I stopped after I got out of the hospital the first time.

So the soundtrack will be the Heatin' Up cool songs for hot days CD I bought in Starbucks. Perfect summer music.

As my art practice continues I will upload photos of the good paintings here.

For now I will retire the household dilemma topic.

This will be the season I do my art. Wish me luck with this.

Have a good day.

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